Our Mission

Our mission is to provide support, education, encouragement, and love to those in need through compassion, dedication, knowledge, and most importantly, first hand experience. We feel that by humanizing those seeking or in recovery, we can engage our communities to rise up, be accepting, offer stability during rebuilding stages, and help provide the hope and peace that has been missing from the lives of those going through hard times.

Our Belief

At Team Rise we are strong believers in the fact that substance abuse and addictions are community issues and as such that individuals shouldn’t be isolated in dealing with these challenges or stigmatized for seeking support. It is our intention to provide a platform to build a community focused on resolving the issues related to substance use, addiction recovery and mental health issues. We hope that people will turn to us for support, information, and partnership in tackling these big issues.

So, please join with us in building this community and making a difference in the lives of those seeking to improve their lives, the lives of their families, and the lives of their community.

Our Content

Team Rise Podcast offers a variety of content for individuals in recovery. Each week we feature new guests that will share their experience strength and hope. We will talk about their journey and the tools they used to overcome the many forms of addictions and mental illnesses.

We will also have guests who work in the rehabilitation and recovery fields who will share their professional opinion on recovery, what services they offer and what it’s like to work in these fields.

We understand there are hundreds of programs and different types of treatment options to aid in recovery available. We will be discussing these options and getting a better understanding on how they operate and aid in recovery.


Meet the Team

Scott Leisure

Host of Team Rise Podcast

“I am a 49 yr old single father of a 15 year old son.
I have a zest for living in the moment, One day at a time. When not working my
day to day job, I find serenity in cooking, gardening, and taking long walks. The best blessings in my life are the times spent with my son and family. A Denver native, of course I am a Bronco & Rockies fan.”

Joseph Garcia

Founder of Team Rise Services LLC & Cohost of Team Rise Podcast

“I’m a recovering alcoholic and addict my sobriety date is May 10, 2015. I am a husband to an amazingly beautiful wife, a father of two truly inspirational children and friend to all those I meet. My sobriety has given me a life I never thought I could ever have and for that I am very grateful. I want to share my experience, strength and hope as well as informative resources to those in need. I truly believe that by working together as a team we can rise above anything.”

Team Rise Podcast