Episode #1 Introduction to Team Rise Podcast

Listen in as our Host Scott Leisure talks with Co-host and Producer Joseph Garcia. They will be discussing what listeners can be expecting in future episodes.

5 thoughts on “Episode #1 Introduction to Team Rise Podcast

  1. I have received some messages notifying us that there are some audio issues that we are trying to address. If you’re having trouble hearing the audio try using headphones that seems to have worked for me pretty good. Like I said we are working on it And will hopefully have this issue fixed soon.

  2. Loved the introduction – your voices are soothing and I can tell this is going to be an energetic podcast with significant, heavy material that will be beneficial to anyone and everyone. Even if it’s just one 😉😂

    1. No we haven’t lol
      It could be you!
      I’m going to make a form for select number of listeners to claim the “First Listeners” title.
      Maybe have some special perks that come with it.
      That’s funny you asked, we were just joking around lol
      Anyway Alex, thanks for listening!

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