#3 Joe Turner Founder of Recovery Champions

I am a recovering addict. With the help of jail, treatment, and drug court I was able to turn a 20-year drug addiction into long term recovery. I was born in to a biker gang and was turned into a drug runner at the age of 16. I lived a very hard life. I understand trauma in all its forms. I live to day to help my brothers and sisters find recovery. In 2015 I started the Recovery Champions just to help my home town.

In a short amount of time Recovery Champions is now all over America. I live every day, every minute to help as many as I can find this great life that I have found. Through recovery I have found a life that I could ever dream of. I have spent the time to learn the court, jail, treatment, and mental health system so the Recovery Champions can help everyone that comes to us to find the best form of treatment for them. I have spent the time learning the system, so you don’t have to. There is help for everyone please let me help you find a life you could only dream of.

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